Flank is a lighthearted strategy game for you and a mate. Upgrade your warriors with Honors, flank your enemies, and shout War Cries as you charge into battle.

What is Flank?


Dudes on a board: Each player has an army of 11 pieces that they move around the board, vying for advantageous positions.

Tableau Building: Both players start with banners that depicts the stats of their pieces. Players draft Honors and add them to their banners. These Honors improve their pieces movement and fighting ability.

Dice Rolling: Combat is resolved by rolling dice. The highest total wins. The number of dice you roll is determined by the honors, the positions you have moved your armies into and the war cry cards you have played.

Push your luck: If a combat goes poorly and you just need a little bit more to beat your foe you can re-roll by discarding war cry cards from your hand.


  • Players: 2
  • Play time: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Age: 12+

How to Play

Draw: On a players turn they will begin by Drawing more War Cry cards from the deck.

Honor: Select a face up Honor tile from the ones available and attach it to one of your banners. Each Honor tile adds to your pieces abilities.

Move: You move up to 3 of your pieces into position.

Fight: Have one of your pieces face off against one of your foes. Your piece rolls dice based on how powerful it is. It gains additional dice from each of your other pieces which are flanking (adjacent to) your foe, and you may also gain additional dice from War Cry cards played during this step.

The player who rolls the highest wins the fight and their piece survives. The other piece is defeated and removed from the board.

The Winner: The winner of the game is the player who can defeat their opponents Champion piece.

Watch it Played

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