The first season of One Card Maze was wildly successful. Launched on Kickstarter, it fully funded in the first 12 minutes and reached over 800 backers in the end. Backers received 28 unique mazes in a multitude of print and play formats and a special origami wallet. 

Season Two of One Card Maze introduced 2 expansions and brought our total mazes up to 74. We also introduced a Physical version for backers to buy. It reached over 1000 backers and raised over $50,000 NZD. 

Designed and Illustrated by Andrew Dobson and Simon Filice.


Flank! is Random Amnesiac's first endeavor into Board Game Design and Illustration. It is a light-hearted skirmish game that serves as a gateway into Push-your-luck, Drafting and Engine Building game elements. It is accompanied by a full Heroes Journey Comic that sets the tone for the game. 

Game - Designed and Illustrated by Andrew Dobson

Comic - Written and Illustrated by Andrew Dobson